VEGANS & VEGETARIANS! Please Read! (About Vitamin B-12)

Vegetarians and Vegans absolutely HAVE to take a supplement for Vitamin B-12 because the only way to get that vitamin is from animal products, or if we just go out to a grass field and start grazing like the cows. The reason I say this is because the vitamin actually comes from the microorganisms in the soil that cows, and other animals, eat while they are grazing.

Since finding this out, I have been taking two 1000 mcg lozenges of Vitamin B-12 in the morning, and I’ll tell you, it has drastically changed the way I feel. Before this, I actually had some of the symptoms of a deficiency (probably because I’ve been a vegetarian for a little over 4 years, and just recently became vegan). One of the symptoms I had was feeling tired right when I woke up in the morning, after having 8, or sometimes more, hours of sleep at night. Since taking this, I feel a lot more energized throughout the day.

So, you may be wondering how do you know if you have a deficiency. Well, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you need to take a supplement. No matter if you have the symptoms of the deficiency, or not. Also, when looking at the B-12 supplements at the store, you want to make sure that you look at what source it is coming from. This will be on the Nutrition facts label. When you look at the name, if it starts with a “C,” put it back, and look at the next one. That is not the one that people need because we can’t even absorb it! Cyanocobalamin, the one you should put back, is actually made from cyanide (the poison). The one that people can actually absorb is the one that starts with an “M.” This one is called Methylcobalamin. In my opinion, this should be the only one on the shelves because people think by taking the other one, they are getting their B-12 intake, but they’re not, and with a B-12 deficiency (if you don’t get it taken care of), you could end up dying because of it.

Find out what the symptoms are here.

Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful!


P.S. 50% of the US Population is Vitamin B-12 deficient. This includes meat eaters as well! Inform your friends and family!

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