11 Reasons you Should Be Using Coconut Oil in Cooking!

Coconut oil has many different uses from skin and hair care, to cleaning, but I want you to know why you should be using it in cooking. It’s better than using olive oil, and can make anything taste better (even desserts)!

  1. Coconut Oil is a great cooking oil with a high smoke point (which means it won’t go rancid when you cook with it. Olive oil does! Great for baking, stir-frys, and sauteing
  2. It is great as a dairy free replacement to butter. I use it on Gluten-Free Toast!
  3. Adding it to foods or smoothies gives you energy the whole day!
  4. Its great for seasoning cast iron skillets
  5. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism when used in recipes!
  6. Add it to an energy boosting Green Smoothie, and you won’t need any more reasons!
  7. When you mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with a tablespoon of chia seeds, it gives you all-day energy!
  8. It is great used as a replacement for vegetable oils in any recipe or in cooking.
  9. It is in the “Good Fat” category!
  10. I use it for frying anything! Like the onions and mushrooms in my Healthy Vegan Spiralized Hash Browns
  11. Your brain NEEDS the fat and cholesterol in Coconut Oil!


I love coconut oil. It tastes great by itself, in recipes, and is great for frying/sauteing.

Coconut Oil is used in: Healthy Vegan Spiralized Hash Browns/Curly Fries, and many raw desserts!

Photo: Max Lakutin

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