Why is Whole Foods in LOVE with Canola Oil???

Whole Foods Market just keeps losing my trust more and more every time I go there. Recently, I saw that most of their tooth paste section has been taken over by Tom’s, which was bought out by Colgate a long time ago. They don’t even have EarthPaste! Well, on the bar of food you can buy for $8.99/lb, they use Canola Oil to cook everything! Canola Oil???? Really??? You’re supposed to be promoting health and organic food! Canola Oil is Genetically Modified, and isn’t even supposed to be consumed by humans! They have to alter it, while processing it, to make it edible.

To add to this nonsense of Whole Foods using Canola Oil to cook the food (that, by the way, isn’t even organic except for some on the salad bar) that people buy for $8.99 a pound, they are promoting using it in recipes they give out! In their coupon book for September/October 2016 (this year), there is a recipe for “Maple-Oat Cookies.” Along with other things, this recipe calls for 1/2 cup of Canola Oil. It doesn’t even specify organic Canola Oil (even though that is no better).

People trust Whole Foods Market! They trust them to always have the best food, organic food, etc. That’s probably why some people buy the food off their hot bar. If the people are new to eating healthy, they may not know to read the ingredients list, or even know what to look for, yet! The general population automatically thinks that Whole Foods is a place to get organic food that is good for you. Why are they doing this to their customers?

Well, I can tell you one reason. They have become more about the money, than actually helping people get healthy. They sided with Monsanto to ban GMO-labeling, are catering to the companies that don’t give a crap (excuse the language, please) about the people’s health, they’ve started focusing more on getting “Local” produce, than getting organic (and the prices they’re charging for local seems like they should be organic, too). When people used to say the Whole Foods’ name should be “Whole Paycheck,” I would try to stand up for them, but now, I agree with those people, and might even say it myself. They have become nothing but another big, greedy company who’s only about the profits. They used to do classes on health, that has stopped. They used to do healthy cooking classes (that were free)
, and that has also stopped.

The only reason I go there, now, is to get my Deionized or Reverse Osmosis water for $0.39 a gallon. I wish I didn’t have to do that, but no one else sells it.

Please think twice about shopping at Whole Foods Market. They’re not what they used to be.

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