Everything in Whole Foods Is NOT Organic?????

Recently, I have heard from many different people that they think everything in Whole Foods is organic. Every time I’m there I see at least 20 people piling up plates and to-go boxes with food from the bar. BUT, did you know that a majority of the foods on that bar are NOT organic, and most likely are cooked in GMO Canola oil??? Did you know that Whole Foods brand “365” is not organic? That’s right. Whole Foods is not as great as you thought is was, and is definitely not worth the money (most of the time).

Who can blame the people who think its all organic? Whole Foods promotes themselves as a “natural” and “organic” store. I will give it to them. Them have plenty of great holistic body care products, and a good selection of produce and groceries in many different categories like, Local, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, and Gluten-Free. But just because they have all those options, and they sound good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Let’s go through each category.

Local. Supporting Local Farmers is wonderful! Going to a farmer’s market, and picking up freshly picked tomatoes is one of the best feelings in the world, but supporting Local organic farmers feels even better. No, Local does not mean organic. It just means that the farm the produce came from is within a certain mile radius of the store. A local farmer can still be using pesticides, herbicides, and other things that contaminate the soil, the plant, and your body.

Vegetarian. Being vegetarian is the best! It’s the first step to becoming vegan. Less animals are consumed, which means less stress on your digestive system, and more ease on your conscience. But, if you stick to the vegetarian section at stores, like Whole Foods, you will be consuming a lot of soy, and other GMO products. Most vegetarian directed products have dairy products in them that are not organically raised, so are therefor toxic to your body. Even if they are organically raised they are toxic, so just go vegan.

Vegan. I love being vegan. I feel better inside and out! My mood has changed, and things have become more normal (if you know what I mean). But, I am not a vegan who eats tofu, Boca burgers, and vegan cheese. Those things have TONS of chemicals in them to make them taste the way they do. Well, I guess tofu doesn’t because it doesn’t have a taste on its own, but it is made completely of soy, and soy is toxic to your body (organic or not). Whole Foods has many Vegan products, but most are not organic. Sprouts is a much better option to find Organic Vegan food.

Paleo. Paleo is good. I’ve never done it before, but I have family members who have. Paleo isn’t focused on organic, anyway, so I can understand why Whole Foods wouldn’t have many organic Paleo products.

Gluten-Free. Here’s the zinger. Since the Gluten-Free craze started, companies started putting “GF” on their products because they thought if people know they’re Gluten-Free, they’ll buy them. Well, being Gluten-Free is great! The things is, Gluten-Free doesn’t mean sugar free, animal product free, chemical free, toxin free, or organic. It just means they didn’t use wheat in that specific product.

So, you see, just because a company makes something sound good, doesn’t mean it really is. I’m not trying to shun Whole Foods, but I do think they should be trying to get more organic products in.

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