Buying REAL, HEALTHY Food Does Not Have To Be Expensive…

Hello everyone! I’ve been thinking lately about how a lot of people think that eating healthy is expensive. Yes, some things are more expensive than other things, but over all, it really isn’t “expensive,” if you really think about it. Usually the people who think its expensive, are spending massive amounts of money on cell phones, entertainment, etc, so I thought, ‘I wonder how much the average American spends on entertainment.‘ I wasn’t shocked by the numbers, but it gives me some leverage when trying to prove my point. HAHA I found this amazing chart that lays out how much each financial group spends a year on the different areas of entertainment. The chart is from 2013, but it is the most recent one I could find. Here is the page:

I’m going to talk about the Third 20 Percent because that’s the middle class, and probably where more people will fall who are reading this.

The Third 20 Percent of People spent $1,997 a year on entertainment. The highest expenditure of this $1,997 was Audio and visual equipment and services. So, basically, watching TV and having a TV. The average person spent $885 a year to watch TV. That’s roughly $74 a month. $74 is a lot of money that could be spent on real and healthy food like, more fresh produce, an organic alternative to what you already buy, etc! Now, I’m not saying get rid of your TV! But, I am saying, cut down on your service, or get a new one all together.  A lot of people are using Netflix, now, and why not? Its cheap, and you can watch a lot of stuff! For a streaming plan through Netflix (you have an account, and watch shows/movies through the internet), it is only $8.99/month! Another positive is, you don’t have to worry about recording anything because you can watch it anytime you want, anyway! With this service, you can only use it on one device, but for $4 more you can use up to four more devices simultaneously. If you and a few friends want to save some dough, I suggest this! You can just divide the cost, and then it would be $3.25 a month to watch the shows you want to watch! That’s a lot less than the $74 a month I mentioned earlier!

This is just one area of life where you can cut back, while still having a life, but start living a healthier one!

Before you go any further, please read my article on 6 Tips on How To Save Money On Organic Produce!

Photo: Ashim D’Silva

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