Should Fluoride-Free Be the New Health Craze?

Today, I’m talking about Fluoride. You know, that stuff that the dentist puts on your teeth, and says its good for them? Well, I’ve got news: NO ITS NOT!

Fluoride is a very harmful chemical found in most conventional tooth pastes, and even our own tap water. If you swallow tooth paste containing fluoride, you are literally supposed to call poison control. So, why is it still allowed to be in our water, tooth paste, and even infant formulas?

According to the CDC’s page on fluoridation, it promotes good oral health, and reduces tooth decay. If they are so concerned with our teeth, why don’t they pay for our teeth cleanings, root canals, and fillings that come, even if you’ve been drinking fluoridated water your whole life? Dr. Edward Group, a renowned alternative health expert, Naturopathic Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Healing Practitioner, founder of Global Healing Center many other certifications, has written many articles on Fluoridation, and the dangers of fluoride. In one article he states, “Fluoride poisoning severely damages the body and can be fatal. This lethal chemical creates a toxic state that can cause a variety of harmful effects.”
In the same article he lists some potential results of consuming fluoride:

  • Acute Poisoning
  • Birth Defects
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone & Uterine Cancer
  • Perinatal Death
  • Immune System Suppression
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Essential enzyme inhibition
  • Lowered IQ (especially in young children)
  • Skeletal Fluorosis (leading to brittle teeth and bones) {So, it causes what they say they’re trying to protect us from…Riiiight.}

You may say, ‘Well, they probably know what they’re doing. They wouldn’t do anything to harm us.’ For your information, there are many countries that do not fluoridate their water supply. These countries include: China, Austria, Hungary, Japan, and many others including pretty much all of Europe! These are not third world countries I’m talking about. These are first world, like America.

So, now I want to tell you how to detoxify your body of fluoride. Get Nascent Iodine! Nascent Iodine is amazing for Thyroid Health because it is what the Thyroid needs to absorb.

Remember back to science class, when you were learning about the periodic table of elements? Well, Fluoride and Iodine are both Halogens, and therefore, when you consume Fluoride your Thyroid gets confused, so it absorbs it because it is the same type of element, and then you can’t absorb any iodine that you get from food, if any. Nascent Iodine is actually in its atomic form which means, your body doesn’t need to break it down, and therefore replaces fluoride in your system.

The type of Nascent Iodine I use is the type sold by Dr. Edward Group on his website, Global Healing Center, called Detoxadine. It is a liquid, and is very easy to supplement with. Dr. Group is very passionate about the health of everyone, and detoxing. I encourage you to look at his site some, and think about your own health, and detoxification. On my page, Shop!, I have some products that I have tried, or am still using from Global Healing Center. I have become an affiliate with Global Healing Center because of the work they do, and I want their products to reach more people. At this point, there are only three products on my page because those are the only ones I have tried. As I try more, and detoxify more, I will add them, but only then! I will only list a product that I approve of!

A toothpaste without Fluoride (and many other toxins) is Earth Paste!

Remember: Buy Reverse Osmosis or Distilled (or Deionized) Water from Whole Foods, or another store that offers this service!

Photo: Dan Watson

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