3 Steps to Detoxify Your Body of Fluoride

Fluoride is such a toxic chemical that is in our tap water, toothpaste, and anything containing water. Its hard to get away from it, but here are 3 steps to detoxifying your body and thyroid of the harmful chemical, Fluoride.

Step 1.

Stop drinking tap water. This may sound hard, but its really not. Many grocery stores, like Kroger and Walmart, sell purified water by the gallon. At these places its usually $0.99/gallon. Whole Foods has a refill station, where individuals are able to fill up gallon jugs they already have. Whole Foods’ Reverse Osmosis and Deionized water is $0.39/gallon. IF you buy the gallons from Kroger or Walmart, make sure they say “purified,” “reverse osmosis,” or “distilled.” If it just says “filtered,” it is tap water.

Step 2.

Take Shorter Showers. Showers are what we need to do to stay clean, but the chemicals in the water are harming us, without us realizing. When you take shorter showers, you have less exposure to the water. Also, it would be best to set the temperature to a lower setting when showering because the hotter it is, it makes your pores open up, and the toxins are absorbed that much faster.

Step 3.

Start taking a Nascent Iodine Supplement. Nascent Iodine is what your thyroid needs to function properly. Fluoride is a Halogen, as is Iodine. When we drink tap water, the thyroid will absorb the Fluoride because it thinks it is Iodine because it is the same type of element. When you take a Nascent Iodine Supplement, your Thyroid is able to detoxify the Fluoride out and start absorbing the Iodine.  Thyroid conditions are very common now a days. With conditions like hypothyroid and hyperthyroid, its important, now, more than ever to take a Nascent Iodine Supplement.

As you can see, its not difficult to detoxify your body and thyroid of Fluoride, it just takes a little resilience.

Detoxadine® is a premium, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine supplement that was created to help support thyroid health, the immune system, and more.

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