How To Make or Order Pizza That’s Vegan?

Pizza is such a staple food in the US. When I went Vegan, people were always asking don’t you miss pizza? Well, to tell you the truth, I was. Pizza is one of those foods that’s really satisfying, but with the cheese and meat, its just cruel to yourself and the animals. Here is how to make a pizza vegan, whether making it yourself, or getting it delivered!

If you are ordering a pizza online or over the phone, they always have an option for no cheese at all. I’ve done this, and it tastes good. If you are one of the lucky ones, where your local pizza place has vegan cheese, choose that! Obviously, do not get any meat on it, and get the veggies you want!

Some places even have Gluten-Free crust, although that would be vegan, anyway!

If you are making your own vegan pizza, you can leave off the cheese, make you own, or buy vegan cheese (although I don’t recommend this).

Spread the sauce, add the veggies, then, if you decide to have it, put the vegan cheeze on top, and bake!

It’s so easy to make things vegan!

Photo: David Nuescheler

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