How To: Vegan Love Sacks for the Homeless

Since living in a van (if this is news to you, read about it here), I’ve gotten a sense of being homeless. I’m not homeless because the van is now my home, but I don’t have a house or apartment to go to, a TV to turn on, or air and heat all day and night (I mean, we technically could, it just looks a little sketchy when a van is running all night with all the windows covered LOL). Homeless people are more noticeable to me, now. Of course it could be because Venice Beach has a very large homeless population, but they just stand out more. They all interact with each other (they’re their own community), and the police leave them alone, as long as they’re not noticeably intoxicated, etc.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a couple days ago Brad, my boyfriend, came up with the idea to create some Homeless Goodie Bags. So, we set forth to Wal-Mart, and made a list on the way! We thought we wanted to put toothbrushes and toothpaste, but that was going to be a little too expensive for us, but we made up for the lack with other useful things.



What You Need: MAKES 1 BAG

  • 1 Gallon Zipper Bag
  • 1 Snack Size Zipper Bag
  • Water Bottle
  • 1 pair men’s’ socks (more versatile)
  • 3 women’s pads (or other feminine product; we bought a bulk box of 105 Wal-Mart brand ones)
  • 1 fruit cup
  • 1 package of peanut butter crackers (make sure they don’t have milk!)
  • 1 comb
  • 3 Ibuprofen
  • 1 bandage
  • 1-2 condoms
  • 5 cotton swabs
  • 1 stick of gum
  • 3 cough drops (make sure they don’t have honey!)



  1. In the Gallon Zipper Bag, put the water bottle on the bottom, and everything until the comb into the bag.
  2. In the snack size bag, put the ibuprofen, bandage, condom(s), cotton swabs, gum, and cough drops. Be sure to write on the bag that it has ibuprofen and the mg amount per pill.
  3. Place the smaller bag into the big bag, and write “Vegan Love Sack” on the outside.
  4. Give to someone in need!


If you do this, be sure to take a photo and use the hashtag #veganlovesacks and tag me @allysveganvibes on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook! Encourage others to do this. Its fun, and rewarding!

Peace and Love


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