Vegan “Bone” Broth Supplement Kickstarter (I Need Help)

A lot of my readers and subscribers on YouTube subscribe to me because I talk about Healing Leaky Gut while sticking to a vegan diet. Well, here’s my latest thing I think you’ll love!

You know how whenever you look up “how to heal leaky gut” on Google, all you find is stuff like this:

  • Bone Broth – tastes good, and good for your gut!
  • How to Make Your Own Bone Broth (in a crock pot!)
  • Paleo recipe that’s amazing for your gut lining (Bone Broth)

You know WHY this is all you find? Because certain Paleo centered doctors (ahem, Dr. Axe) have cornered the gut health market, and only let you see what they want you to. It’s called SEO (search engine optimization). I won’t get SUPER into that, right now, but it basically means that links to his website pages are in a lot of different places on the internet, so Google makes his website the highest ranking. When you have a website, this is what you strive for. Anyway, I have developed a recipe to create a Vegan “Bone” Broth Powder to add to smoothies and soups! And let me tell you, it tastes much better than that broth made from animal carcass. The only problem is, I don’t have a ton of money to get it started, so that’s where YOU come in. I need your help getting the funding to make this amazing supplement. If you can donate, that’s awesome! Every little bit helps. If you can’t donate, then please share it! The more people who see this, the more chances of people donating are.

I truly appreciate all of you reading this, and want to help as many of you as possible heal your guts. Check out my Kickstarter, and see for yourself.



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