Celebrities Give Their Thoughts On Animal Agriculture

Allyson_Defoor_City_Gala_2018 (1)

This past weekend, I was honored to be granted access to the City Gala. The City Gala is one of the few big after parties for the Oscars. Big celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson’s Father) were able to attend. I was able to interview the celebrities on the red carpet. So, what do you think I asked them? 😉

With celebrities like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus recently going vegan, it only makes sense to ask other celebrities how they feel about animal agriculture, if they’ve ever considered a plant-based diet, and if they would try it for at least 30 days. And that’s exactly what I did! On the red carpet, I was able to interview people like: Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Carrie Bernans (Black Panther), Amina Buddafly (Love and Hip Hop NY), Lindsay McCormick (NBC Sports Reporter), Frank Shankwitz (Co-Founder, Make a Wish Foundation), and many more!

Most of the people I interviewed were very receptive to the questions I was asking, and a lot of them said they would consider giving veganism a try for 30 days. I can only hope.

1. Carrie Bernans (Black Panther)



Carrie, an actress/stunt-woman in the newly beloved Marvel film Black Panther, was excited to talk about veganism with me. See, she is already a vegetarian with intentions of going vegan. When I asked her my first question, she was already responding with things like: “I really need to go vegan, I’ve seen all the videos.” I was glad to meet someone who was vegetarian who knows about the horrors of the animal agriculture industry, and I was there to be her sign to take the next step and DO IT. If everyone reading this could encourage Carrie Bernans to try veganism for 30 days, I’m sure she would feel more willing. And, Carrie, if you are reading this, you know how to reach me! 😉

2. Lindsay McCormick (NBC Sports Broadcaster)



Lindsay was especially excited to speak with me because, in her words, she is “About 90% vegan, but that’s not completely vegan.” She claims to rave about vegan products, and only uses vegan makeup and beauty products. According to Lindsay, she was vegan for a long time before having some problems with iron deficiency. Once that started happening, her doctor told her to eat meat once a month. She doesn’t like to eat the animals, so I told her about a few plant sources of iron, like kale and navy beans. She was so intrigued, and wants to go vegan again. I’m sure she will have to consult her doctor first, but I believe she could thrive, like always, on a plant-based diet. She already has the lifestyle and mindset down.

3. Frank Shankwitz (Co-Founder, Make-A-Wish Foundation)



Frank Shankwitz was very popular with the press, so I was only able to ask him one question. I chose to ask him a big one: “If a child wished for all animals to be free, and the whole world to go vegan, would you be able to make that happen?” His response was perfect. He said, “We would at least try. Sometimes things have to be modified, but we would try.” Of course, this would be a completely self-less request for a child who has a terminal illness to ask, but if a child did, I’m sure we could all agree that if it was popularized enough, a lot of people would try it, for the sake of the child.

4. Galina Lipina (Turning Point)


Turning Point

Galina Lipina was so welcoming and authentic. She told me that she is raw vegan, so I asked her what made her go raw! “I read a book!” was the first thing out of her mouth. This made me laugh, and she told me which book she read. It was one by the author Vadim Zeland. Galina said that he just kept explaining how the raw vegan lifestyle is the healthiest way to eat, so the next day she did it. She definitely looked raw vegan, as her skin is so smooth and clear. 🙂 Her enthusiam for wanting to go raw vegan right after reading the book is the same as the people who go vegan after watching What the Health? or Earthlings. Enthusiasm like that gives me hope for others to go vegan, or even raw!

Ashton Kutcher was also there, but I didn’t have the chance to interview him. He was also at the City Summit the day before. Click here for some footage of when he arrived.

It was such an honor to be given the opportunity to ask these probing questions at a red carpet event, especially one so high profile being the after party of the Academy Awards. Asking about animal agriculture and animal rights to the social influencers in our society is a great way to get them to think about it, and maybe go vegan. Veganism/plant-based eating is gaining popularity within Hollywood, and I feel like when someone who they don’t know talks with them about it, it plants a seed.

Always plant that seed. If it gets watered enough, something will grow.

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