Get Cash Back for Buying Groceries

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If you’re anyone, you probably go to the grocery store at least once a week. If you’re vegan/whole foods plant based, you might go closer to 3 times a week. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get cash back from buying the foods and products you normally do? Well, you can! I’ve gotten up to $27 in one month just from grocery shopping! Just imagine what you could do with an extra $25-$35 every month. You could virtually cut your phone bill in half! With the average cell phone bill being $70/month, you could take it down to $45 or even $35! That may not seem like a lot, but it definitely adds up.

Let’s Talk About Ibotta

Ibotta is a free mobile app that gives you money back for shopping. The app is very easy to use, and pays out directly to your bank account whenever you want (after you earn $20). If you sign up here, you can earn your first $10 immediately!

You can earn from buying more than groceries, too! There are cash back offers for things like toilet paper, makeup products, alcohol, and even online shopping. And, just in case you’re wondering, there are plenty of vegan products, too. 🌱

How Much is Each Cash Back Offer

The cash back offer amounts vary from $0.25 all the way up to $6.00. If you have a big family you’re buying for, it might add up to being $25 per shopping trip! This app is like using coupons after you’ve already been to the store.

How Does It Work?

  1. Download Ibotta, and receive your first $10. Create your account, choose what stores you like, and what types of products you buy.
  2. Go to the store, and check the offers for that store. It will send you a push notification to remind you to look at it.
  3. Select the offers you want, and check out once you’re done.
  4. When you get to your car, redeem your receipt in the Ibotta app.
  5. Cash out once you get to $20 or more!

This app has changed the way I shop. I’m always looking for the products I normally buy in the app, and make cash back from buying them in the store. I love Ibotta, and totally recommend it!


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