Pizzanista!: Restaurant Review

Pizzanista! is an off the wall pizza place in Long Beach, CA. They have another location in Los Angeles, as well, but my review is of the one in Long Beach. They have many different vegan pizzas that they rotate throughout the week, and most of them are pretty good. They really get creative with their pizzas, as you will see below, and some of the names are even more creative!

Jesus Meats Seitan ⭐⭐

(Bottom left hand side in photo above)

Jesus Meats Seitan is basically a vegan meat lovers pizza. The “meats” are pepperoni, sausage, and bacon 🥓! Meat lovers was never one of my favorite pizzas, even before I stopped eating dead flesh, and this pizza didn’t change my mind. If you are a meat lovers pizza fan, this is the pizza for you (Brad loved it), but if you’re more of a cheese and veggie fan, I suggest the other pizzas in my review.

Vegan Cheese ⭐⭐⭐

(Bottom right hand side in photo above)

The vegan cheese pizza was good, not great. It was a good sized slice, And the crust was nice and crispy, but there just wasn’t enough of the cheese. It seemed like it used to be another type of pizza, and they just took the other toppings off to call it a cheese pizza. I liked it, but it definitely wasn’t the best one.

Vegan Veggie ⭐⭐⭐⭐

(Top left hand side in photo above)

This pizza was my second favorite (my favorite is coming next)! This reminded me of when I used to eat pizza way more than I do now. It reminded me of Papa John’s, which is saying something! There was just enough sauce, cheese, and other toppings to make it almost perfect. It could have done with a little less spinach, and maybe some extra spices like oregano or basil.

Vegan Mac & Cheese ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I would give this pizza more stars, if I could! This was, by far, my favorite. It was so creamy and cheesy, that it didn’t even seem like I was eating a vegan pizza. I’m pretty certain they used Daiya’s boxed mac n cheese, and it worked so well! This pizza sent me to heaven, and brought me back all in one bite. Two childhood favorites in only one dish!

I liked that the mac & cheese was the cheese and toppings. It made it so there wasn’t too much cheese (yes, that is a thing), but it tasted freaking amazing. I added crushed red pepper flakes, nooch, and some Sriracha to all of pizza slices.

Along with the pizza came the atmosphere. The Long Beach location has a wonderful atmosphere with it’s wide and open layout, to it’s punk rock playlist. This location used to be a house, before it was transformed into the neighborhood’s pizza joint. There is seating inside and outside on the patio and front porch. We decided to sit inside that day because it was kinda chilly, and we didn’t want it pizza to get too cool. For drink options, they have fountain drinks, bottled water, Virgil’s root beer, and bottled beer.

I definitely recommend Pizzanista! to anyone who is looking for great place to find choice vegan pizza.

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