SOULmuch Up-Cycled Cookies ♻️

SOULmuch is a company committed to lowering our food waste as a society by constructing healthy cookies from the excess of restaurants. It all started when Crissy and Rey, the two founders, were working at a restaurant in San Diego. Everyday they were horrified by how much of the unused food went to waste at the end of the night. Everyone who worked there hated it, but thought they couldn’t do anything about it. Rey says, “It was almost taboo to talk about.” Well, one night when Rey saw a cook about to throw away a whole industrial sized rice cooker full of unused quinoa, she stopped him. She said, “I’ll feed it to the homeless, or something!” And that’s what her and her friend, Crissy did. They couldn’t stand to see this still good food, just made that day, go to waste. But they soon realized taking all of this food downtown wasn’t very efficient. They tried to think of what else they could do with it, but couldn’t think of anything, so they gave up.


One day while Rey was walking down the vegan protein aisle in Sprouts, she stopped to look at the ingredients in one container, and the first two were dehydrated rice and quinoa. ‘Oh my god, BINGO.’

Before they decided on making cookies, they hosted surveys to ask the people what they wanted. Everyone wanted something on-the-go, so they decided to make cookies because, hey, who doesn’t love cookies?

Founders, Crissy & Rey Taking a bite of their Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Process

Obviously I’m not going to give away their secrets, but I want you to know how it works, so you see the good they are creating.

First, they need flour, so they dehydrate the unused rice and quinoa they recieve from different sources, and then use a milling machine to craft the flour.

Next, comes flavor and baking. For sweetener, they use organic maple syrup and coconut sugar. Also, for different flavors and a tad more sweetness, juice pulp from different juice bars is collected to add to each batch of cookies. Flax meal is also used, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acid, and part of Dr. Michael Greger’s ‘Daily Dozen!’

Healthy Desserts?

Yes! SOULmuch cookies are actually healthy, and common allergen friendly. They are gluten-free, protein rich, refined sugar-free, preservative-free, and help the environment!

They are perfect for health conscious individuals who still want a cookie now and then.

The Future of SOULmuch

SOULmuch is very passionate about saving food, obviously, and they want to continue making new flavors to use different types of excess from other restaurants. Eventually they want to create more than just cookies, and be in every market around the USA! I see brownies in their future 😉

They have done different campaigns to promote the re-using and recycling of food, including their “Help Us Save 5,000 Pounds of Food” initiative.

I’m sure they will continue to raise awareness about food waste, and encourage others to take action.

But until food waste is no longer a problem, expect them to come to a restaurant near you, inquiring about recycling their excess.

And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you SOUL much to Rey, Crissy, and Dakota who are making these tasty cookies available to the San Diego community.

Where to Find Them

Every Wednesday at OB Farmers Market in San Diego (4-8pm)

Follow SOULmuch on Instagram!


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