Hey there! I’m Allyson, but you can call me Ally!

I’m the one on the right! (in picture above). That’s my mom on the left!

I am a Holistic Health Coach, Vegan Health Blogger & YouTuber, Certified Hypnotist, and Life Coach. Health is one of my passions, the other being crafting, and I am determined to bring the most useful health-related content to Vegans. Health has been one of my passions for quite a while. Probably since I was about 12. That’s when I started my journey to becoming vegetarian, and now vegan. 😊 I remember the first bad ingredient I learned about was Aspartame in diet sodas, and that was the rocket launcher! I wanted to find out more about ingredients, what we should all avoid, and why these ingredients are even in food in the first place. Researching, reading, listening, and watching professionals talk about these topics has made me realize that the organizations we trust are not doing their jobs, and we have to take our health in our own hands. That’s why I started eating healthy, and doing specific health practices.

I also like to detox, and the first detox/cleanse I ever did was a colon cleanse. I bought the kit from the one website I trust to buy detoxing/cleansing kits and supplements from: GlobalHealingCenter.com. I documented the cleanse on YouTube, and loved giving that information to people!

Currently I am working on Healing My Leaky Gut While Vegan, and helping others do the same. If you want to be a part of that community, join my Facebook Group: Healing Leaky Gut While Vegan.

Thank you so much for wanting to know more about that silly girl behind the screen!

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