Ally’s Vegan Vibes


Who Am I?

Welcome to my blog! I am a vegan health coach and activist. Nashville, TN is my home town, but I am now living mobily. Yes, I am just your average vegan vanlife blogger. My boyfriend, Brad, and I live in a maroon mini van, equipped with Instant Pot, bike rack, and cargo container on top! We are mainly on the West Coast, but want to travel to the north, and over seas!

What Do I Do?

I love to interview celebrities and others about animal rights, veganism, animal agriculture, and more! I help people go vegan [and try to convince them], and help them stick to it.

Veganism is one of my biggest passions, and I am lucky enough to have access to events where I can interview important people. Everyone is important, of course, but these people I’m interviewing are social influencers, people respect them, and if they go vegan, a lot of people hear about it.

Health Coaching branches off from helping people go vegan. I create meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and cook for people who need it. Gut health is my expertise, as I have healed my gut, but I can do all types of meal plans, and love to customize them for people!

What Can You Expect?

Here on Ally’s Vegan Vibes, you can expect to see blog posts and articles on asking celebrities about animal rights, new vegan companies, reviews of vegan products and restaurants, and recipes. Most of my recipes are allergen-friendly (gluten-free, soy-free, and peanut-free), but you will see the occasional “junk food” recipe pop up!

I also love to encourage people to be the best versions of themselves, so you might see a few posts on that, too, and if you sign up to get the VeganVibes Newsletter, I will send you motivational emails every month!

What I Ask of You [the reader]

If you see a mistake, please tell me, and I will check and fix it if necessary! I don’t want to have wrong info on my site. Also, if you like what you’re reading, and want to support me, you can check out my store at, become a Patron, and/or sign up for my free email list!