Ramblings From a Self-Care Advocate

Feeling happy, joyful, and at peace are all wonderful emotions that keep your day (and life) going smoothly. Every so often our lives require different emotions to deal with what is happening. We feel sad and depressed when we lose someone, feel inadequate, or sometimes for no apparent reason. I was feeling depressed for a few months. I didn’t know why…… Read More Ramblings From a Self-Care Advocate

SOULmuch Up-Cycled Cookies ♻️

SOULmuch is a company committed to lowering our food waste as a society by constructing healthy cookies from the excess of restaurants. It all started when Crissy and Rey, the two founders, were working at a restaurant in San Diego. Everyday they were horrified by how much of the unused food went to waste at the end of the night.… Read More SOULmuch Up-Cycled Cookies ♻️

Tips on How to Meet a Vegan Partner [Vegan Romance Advice]

Tips For You

So, meeting someone off Instagram may not be for everyone, so I have some tips for you, as well.

Go to activism events Activism is a great way to meet people on the same wavelength as you, and is great for the animals. Who knows? You might meet your special someone at that vegan outreach event in the park!

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