Healing Leaky Gut While Vegan

I was a 20-year-old dreamer trying to cut out as many “bad foods” as possible. I really wanted to heal my gut without using bone broth, so I wouldn’t have to feel bloated after every freaking meal, feel like my mind is in a constant haze, or have skin that feels like a crocodile (an ex literally told me that one time!).

I wanted to be able to stop bloating and have softer skin because I was on a mission to figure out who I was and what I was meant to do, so I wanted to leave all my gut health issues behind me and feel like a new person before I set off for California.

The thing is, I was bloating after almost every meal, and feeling self-conscious about my dry skin. That meant I wasn’t able to heal my gut, let alone set off for California by myself. To make things worse, even just the smallest handful of raw nuts would make me bloated. I felt even worse about the situation because I finally understood WHY I had so many gut issues, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I felt like I was in a haze going from place to place, trying out holistic treatment after treatment, feeling more and more untrusting of my gut.

The problem was that I was fed up with feeling bogged down after every meal, tired of trying skin cream after skin cream to no avail, and was upset that I couldn’t keep my mind focused on a task for more than 5 min before feeling like my thoughts were all cloudy. Which meant I could either fix my gut or be unhappy in my prime young adult years, which made me doubtful in making it to California, for the first time ever. That’s when I read a book by the lovely Kris Carr. She had a small section in her book about gut health all about adding probiotics and the right nutrients to my diet!

It was now crystal clear to me how to add the right nutrients to my diet that were proven to be essential in healing the gut, because I saw I was able to add the right nutrients to my diet, including some of the foods I had decided to cut out months before. I also learned that removing foods from my diet wasn’t always beneficial for my microbiome, you need to add the right nutrients to your diet instead. As a result, I figured out what nutrients were most beneficial for healing the gut and started eating the plant foods that provided those nutrients.

After I did that, I started noticing my bloating going away, my skin issues disappearing, and I even realized I had had brain fog because I felt so much more clear-headed.

Suddenly, I was healing my gut quicker day after day. That’s when I realized that the secret to healing my gut was adding nutrients to my diet, not focusing on taking them away. My plan was to start sticking to a strategic gut health routine in order to have a quantifiable blueprint to healing my gut.

So I started slowly adding different gut healthy foods back into my diet. But I didn’t stop there. I then researched heavily into what the top gut health experts were saying about gut health. After that, I combined the most common tips from top experts and figured out how to make the ones that weren’t, vegan.

But there was still a problem…

Trying to complete 25-40 tasks just for my gut health every day was tiring in and of itself. I was constantly thinking about my gut health. It was hard to think about anything else because I was having to remember to do those 25-40 tasks every day. I was even having a hard time focusing on my job and Etsy business because I was so worried about what I was doing for my gut!

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to start over from scratch and make a gut health routine I could follow every day that didn’t consume my entire thinking brain. I chose to call it “The Gut Health Blueprint”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to spend a quarter of the time it used to take me to follow my daily gut health grind, I’d be really happy. After 6 months of a constant cycle of research, test, research, test, I created The Gut Health Blueprint. I now feel confident in my body’s ability to heal without having it on my mind constantly because I developed new, simple daily habits.

As a result of all this I was able to achieve the following:

Within just 6 months of implementing those habits I was able to get rid of 95% of my bloating and irregular stools (basically, my poop was more firm LOL) that were both caused by my leaky gut. That’s not all that got better though! The dry skin on my arms and legs converted into skin as smooth as a dolphin, and the rosacea on my cheeks went from flaring up AT LEAST once a day to barely even one flare-up a week! I was also able to keep focused so much easier since my brain fog had lessened, and I knew which habit it was attributed to, if it ever decided to come back. Which means, I could just take a look at what habit I had been missing, and just make sure I got back on track to get rid of the brain fog. Talk about knowing your body!

After creating The Gut Health Blueprint, I was not only able to focus more time on my Etsy business and have the energy to fulfill orders, I’ve also been able to stop spending so much time worrying about what’s going inside my mouth, because I now know exactly what foods contain the nutrients my gut needs to be healthy.

And in the end, all of this means I was able to move to California with as little gut health issues as possible, and I still live here with my fiancé.

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