Vegan Meals Cooked for YOU! [Pacific Beach San Diego, CA]

Starting September 1st!

Do you live in Pacific Beach, CA? Are you finding it hard to have time to cook a healthy, vegan meal? I can help with that! I can do meal prep, or cook an entire healthy vegan meal for you and your family in your own home, as long as you supply the ingredients!

What Types of Meals?


Stuffed Poblano Peppers & Veggie Fajitas

I have a menu for you to choose from a few different ethnic meals, and some recipes of


my own, as well! Things like: Indian Curry, Mexican Stuffed Peppers, Pad Thai, and

more! I also do the normal American family meals, like spaghetti, pizza, handmade veggie burgers, and much more!


How Does It Work?

I come to your place to meet you and talk about the type of meal or meal prep you want! Also, we discuss any food allergies you may have. Next, we discuss the day or days you need me to make your meal for you. Then, we discuss what groceries I will need to make the food you want. I can do the shopping, for an extra cost!

When the day comes along, I come over to your place, and cook or do some prepping for you in your kitchen. If you need it do be made and kept in the fridge, I will do that, or if it needs to be kept warm, I will keep it in the oven, or on the stove (turned off, of course) with instructions to make it a little warmer! I clean up after I’m done, so its like I wasn’t even there, except for the wonderful meal that has been made!

What Do I Mean by “Meal Prep?”

Typically meal prep will consist of putting things together, and all you have to do is cook it. So, I would cut up veggies, drain the tofu, make sauces, measure out the spices, and leave instructions for cooking it.

In meal prep, I do all the tedious work, and you do the fun part, cooking and eating! There is no need to measure stuff out because its already done! You just dump the containers into whatever it is you need it for, and follow my instructions! That’s it!

I can prep all the dinners for your next week, and this will drastically decrease the time it actually takes for you to make a typical meal.


Indian Style Veggie Burgers & Fries


I do ask that your kitchen have counter space free of dirty dishes and trash. If a kitchen is very dirty (unclean counters, no clean dishes to cook with, etc.) I will not cook or do meal prep in there. This is for the best use of my time, my health, and yours. If I decide a kitchen is too dirty to cook in, you will receive a partial refund of half of what you have already paid, minus the extra cost of me grocery shopping for you, if you paid for that.

As I said in the previous section, I will clean up after myself, accept any dishes that currently have food in them when I leave. All others will be cleaned and put up, and the counters will be wiped down. If there is any trash, I will throw it away in your trash can, or take it with me. This is something we will decide together.

I always wash my hands thoroughly before cooking anything, and if I touch something that is not food or kitchen utensils, I wash my hands again.

If a dish you want requires a kitchen utensil you do not have, I will bring my own. All of my kitchen utensils are cleaned, and if need be, sterilized, after each time I cook for someone, to ensure cleanliness.


You supply all ingredients, and your kitchen.

  • Full Week Vegan Dinner Couple’s MEAL PREP – $150
  • Full Vegan Dinner Couple’s MEAL – $75/hour (average time is an hour for one dinner)
  • Full Week Vegan Dinner Single’s MEAL PREP – $100
  • Full Vegan Dinner Single’s MEAL – $75/hour (average time is an hour for one dinner)
  • Full Week Vegan Dinner Family MEAL PREP – $200 [Family of Four]
  • Full Week Vegan Dinner Family MEAL – $75/hour [Family of Four] (average time is about 1 1/2 hours for one dinner)
  • +$25 for Grocery Shopping (you pay for groceries, I shop!)

If you are wanting more than dinner, you can email me using the contact form below the map!

*  If I deem a kitchen unclean, and decide I will not cook in there, you will receive half of your money back, minus the $25 for Grocery Shopping, if you paid for that.

Click here to read the menu!

Where Do I go?

If you live in PB (Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA), I’ll come to you! Just shoot me an email, using the contact form below the map, and I’ll get back with you ASAP!