Staying Vegan on a College Sized Budget

Being vegan. It’s expensive, right? Actually, not really, as long as you play your cards right. Coupons, grocery store ads, and cooking your own food are how you get through the tough financial times, while sticking to a vegan diet.

First, let’s talk coupons. When I say “couponing,” I don’t mean buying/subscribing to couponing websites, or getting paper cuts from the newspaper. I don’t mean that, at all. Now-a-days there are apps for that. Yes, I said it. But really, there are! Go to your app store, and type: “coupon app.” It will bring up tons, and I suggest looking at the reviews before you install one! Also, many grocery stores, like Sprouts Farmer’s Market, have a mobile app with coupons only found in the app. Its worth giving it a try!

Another couponing tip is to go to all of your favorite vegan brands’ websites, and see if they offer free coupons to their customers. You’d be surprised that quite a few do! Food For Life does, and its awesome because you can request them every 3 months! Plus, they send you 4 coupons for $0.50 off any one of their products! Sounds good to me!


Now, let’s talk about store ads. I know this can be annoying, and boring, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Grocery store ads can have some really great deals, especially on in-season fruits and vegetables! I know that Sprouts and Kroger have mobile apps that have their weekly ad on it. I’m sure other stores do, as well. Its really handy to know what’s on sale. And this is what I always say, if you’re on a tight budget, shop the ad! Sometimes you can even find something on sale, that you also have a coupon for! Double savings!


Cooking your own food can be time consuming, but it saves you A LOT of money! You know those canned beans you buy for $0.50-$1.29 a can? You can cook your own for soooo much less! Also, when you cook your own, they’re not being stored in tin and BPA. Those are very toxic to your body!

Another way cooking your own food will help you save money, is you won’t have to go to those vegan restaurants you love. It may be tempting, but if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t go. You can easily figure out how to make those dishes you like by looking them up on Google or YouTube! Recipes are everywhere!


As you can see, you can definitely stay vegan while in college, or with a very small budget! You just have to know what to do!

Photo: Fabian Blank

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