In-n-Out: Vegan Hacks [For Vanlife]

There will always be a time in a vanlifer’s life, where they will have to go to In-n-Out. It’s relatively quick (depending on the time of day) and super cheap. I’m talking, $14 for 4 people cheap. It may seem weird, but it’s actually really easy for vegans to eat at In-n-Out!

First, let’s talk about what you need to do at In-n-Out.

1. Order a veggie burger for each person without spread and add grilled onions, ketchup, and mustard! The grilled onions are free and make the sandwich so much better.

2. Order fries with grilled onions. Again, the grilled onions are free. By the way, 2 people could probably share 1 order of fries.

Once you’ve received your food, that’s when the fun begins. You can add whatever you want, to make the sandwich how you want it. I’ll give my top 4 favorites!

1. Make it a Chik’n Sandwich

Add the “World’s Best Veggie Burger” by Hilary’s to your sandwich!

Hilary’s veggie burgers are so good, and made with whole foods, so it’ll probably be the healthiest thing in your meal! 🤣 You can find Hilary’s products at stores like Kroger, Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and many more! Check out their store locator to find this perfect addition to the In-n-Out veggie sandwich.

To cook the Hilary’s veggie burger in your van, get out your toaster, place on of the frozen patties in the slot, and cook for about 14 minutes. (You can do this while you’re waiting in line at In-n-Out!)

2. Make it a Deli Sandwich

You can really spruce up that boring veggie sandwich with some mock deli slices, vegan cheese, and vegan mayo!

My favorite mock meats are by Tofurky. The Peppered Style is the best. The best vegan cheese to use is Follow Your Heart brand, American. You can use whatever vegan mayo you want. Just Mayo and Vegenaise are both good.

If you are going to take a Deli Sandwich, I would suggest only getting mustard on the In-n-Out sandwich, no ketchup.

3. Make it a Real Burger

The Beyond Burger is the best vegan “beef-like” Burger I’ve ever had. You can make it really easily in the Instant Pot.

All you have to do is set your Instant Pot to saute on normal, and add your oil of choice. Grapeseed oil is my favorite. When it gets hot (doesn’t take long) you can place your first patty into the Instant Pot. Cook it as you would normally cook on a stove top. The only sucky thing about this, is you can only cook one at a time, but if there’s only one or two of you, it should work! Find where to buy an Instant Pot here.

4. Keep it Simple

Just keep it how it is. If you’re in a bind with nothing to eat, short on money, and/or you’re feeling lazy, just leave the sandwich the way it comes. It still tastes good, and will give some relief from the rumbling belly.

I hope this helped you some, and you use some of my hacks! If you do, let me know in the comments and put a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #allysveganvibes. ❤️

Vegan Hacks for In-n-Out Burger


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