Tips on How to Meet a Vegan Partner [Vegan Romance Advice]

Every vegan girl (or guy) seems to dream about the ever so compassionate and gentle vegan partner. A boyfriend or girlfriend who shares their love of animals and fights for animals’ rights. I used to dream of this type of guy, and I found him! His name is Brad, and he is my soulmate. We were definitely meant to be, so I want to share our story, and how we happened.

How We Met

Brad and I are both Instagrammers. We actually have one together now! Well, when I was first in San Diego, I was checking my feed on Instagram, and I saw a photo of him saying he was going to LA Vegan Street Fair. I commented saying that I wanted to go, but I was all the way in San Diego. We started talking, and then DMing all through Instagram. We talked for a few days, until he said he was going to come down to San Diego. I said okay, and wondered when. He did that night. The first day we met we rode bikes, ate at Plant Power Fast Food, watched Okja on Netflix, talked, and ate some more. We were together for like 8 hours, and it certainly didn’t feel like it. We hung out again the next day, and then the third day we did some chalktivism. I actually made a vlog about this!

How Brad & I Became 1

Brad was living in his car, and I was staying in Air BnBs, but we were hanging out all the time. We always wanted to be around eachother. Close to Halloween of last year (2017) Brad got a van and fixed it up with his dad. When he came back to San Diego, he asked me to go out with him that night. I said yes, of course. It was quite the bumpy ride with judgements from other people, and me having cold feet about living in the van, but it was all worth it in the end. I knew this relationship was going to be more than that, and change my life. It definitely has. I feel more confident, secure, and loved than I think I ever have. That’s important.

Tips For You

So, meeting someone off Instagram may not be for everyone, so I have some tips for you, as well.

  1. Go to activism events Activism is a great way to meet people on the same wavelength as you, and is great for the animals. Who knows? You might meet your special someone at that vegan outreach event in the park! 😉
  2. Go to vegan potlucks/meetups There is this website and app called Meetup. Use it. You can just type in what you want, and it will bring up tons of Meetup groups. If you’re looking for a romantic partner, pick one that will have the type of person you’re looking for!
  3. Don’t be creepy Straight Guys, you have an advantage in the vegan dating community. There are way more girls than guys, so don’t ruin your chances with someone by being creepy and hitting on all the girls. Meet people, figure out who you like (and who seem to like you), then ask one or two of them out on dates. Not all in the same night, though. You get bigger rewards if you’re patient.
  4. Join a vegan dating site If you’d rather meet someone who’s wanting a relationship, too, there are two promising dating sites. One is, which offers a free 2-week trial to those singles wanting to try it out. Another is, which is completely free for the basic features. They even do different types of matches, depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t want to join a website, there are ‘Vegan Singles’ Facebook groups that I’ve known a few people have success with.
  5. Write what you want A few months before I came to California, I wrote a list of qualities I wanted in a man. Whenever I thought of more things, I would add them to the list. I read the list to myself at least once a week. When I met Brad, and we had hung out for a while, I realized he had a lot of these qualities. As I got to know him more, he started showing more and more of the qualities I’d always wanted in a guy. This is called manifestation and the Law of Attraction. It works. Even if you’ve heard of this before and don’t believe it, do this step just to remind yourself of what you want, so you don’t sabotage your own love life. You may be surprised at how fast you find someone! You do have to be specific, though.

This advice comes from the depths of my heart, and I hope you find it helpful. Everyone deserves to find someone who makes them feel good, secure, loved, and confident.

Love you all!

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