Vegan Leaky Gut Smoothie

I made a YouTube video: Vegan Collagen Therapy For Leaky Gut [Healing Leaky Gut While Vegan], and it got such a great response, I felt I needed to put the recipe for the smoothie I’ve been making to help my gut heal itself.

In the video I talk about how most Healing Leaky Gut Diets are not Vegan because you have to make and drink Bone Broth. Well, I decided to find out what nutrients are provided by Bone Broth, and which plants they are in. I found out that the nutrients that provide the Collagen Therapy are: Glutamine, Glycine, and Proline. Glutamine is found in Parsley, Spinach and Cabbage; Glycine is found in Spirulina; and Proline is found in cabbage, as well. When I found this out, I thought, why not make a smoothie with these greens (and other stuff to make it taste better)? So, I did. It took a few tries, and sometimes I’d forget to put an ingredient in, but now I’ve got it!

Here it is!

The Healing Leaky Gut While Vegan Smoothie

First, you need a Blender. A regular blender will work, but I use a Blendtec. It is a high speed blender that makes sure all the plant components are ground, and are easily digested.

Recipe Type: Smoothie

Here are the ingredients for the smoothie:
Yield: 3 Servings

  • 20 oz. Purified Water (reverse osmosis or distilled)
  • 2-3 Handfuls Organic Mixed Baby Greens (Spinach, Kale, Arugula)
  • 1/2 Bunch Organic Parsley
  • 2 Organic Cabbage Leaves
  • 1 Organic Banana
  • 1 Cup fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 1 Scoop Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Powder

First, pour the purified water into your blender.
Then, put the Mixed baby greens, parsley, and cabbage leaves in. Make sure they are push down into the blades of the blender.
Next, break up the banana and put it in.
Then, put the fresh or frozen strawberries in. If you are using a blender other than a Blendtec or Vitamix, then cut up the fresh strawberries, or break up the frozen ones.
Last, put the scoop of powder in. This powder has the Spirulina, and plenty of other great nutrients that are great for you, even if you don’t have Leaky Gut!
Now, BLEND! If you are using a Blendtec or Vitamix, you can press the button that says smoothie. If you are using another type of blender, blend until you don’t see any chunks swimming around.

This recipe makes 3 servings. You can drink it all in one go, split it up into 3 servings to drink at different times during the day, or share it with your family! Chances are, you’ll all benefit from it! If you do share it, put 2 extra scoops of the powder to get the full benefit!

This recipe is so simple, not very costly, helps your gut, and tastes soooo good!

Since I have been healing my gut, or letting my gut heal on its own, my skin has gotten smoother. I have always had super rough skin. Even since I was a baby! I’m pretty certain it is because I was born from a C-section, instead of naturally. When a mother has a C-section, the baby doesn’t get the necessary first probiotics of its life.

Well, now my skin is a lot smoother! Not as smooth as it could be, but a lot better! My rosacea has gotten better, as well! Also, whenever I eat Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Wheat bread, I do not get bloated, when I did before. This is very exciting for me!

I hope to help other Vegans, and meat-eaters as well, heal their guts, and live healthier lives! I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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  1. […] Healing Leaky Gut takes more than taking some supplements. You have to give your gut what it needs, and let it rest. A smoothie is a great breakfast, and gets you moving in the morning! This smoothie recipe was made by me, specifically to help with healing leaky gut. It has: Cabbage, Parsley, and Spirulina, which are all beneficial to the gut. See the recipe here: Vegan Leaky Gut Smoothie […]


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