Top 5 Mistakes of New Vegans

It’s the New Year, and a lot of people are deciding to go Vegan! Yay! But, you know how New Year’s Resolutions are. Sometimes people fall off the bandwagon, and go back to their old ways. In order to stop this from happening, I have compiled a short, but optimal, list for new vegans. Even people who are already, and have been vegan, can use this list to make their cruelty-free lifestyle that much better.

  1. Replacing Meat with “Fake Meat”

    Most “fake meats,” or meat replacements consist mainly of soy. Soy beans are the cheapest bean with the most protein, but protein doesn’t mean its good for you! Soy is an Endocrine Mimicker which means it produces excess estrogen in your body, which can lead to breast cancer, and cervical cancer in women. Soy beans are also almost always Genetically Modified. GMOs cause Leaky Gut Syndrome, and you can only heal your gut by getting away from them. Instead of using soy based replacement meat products, you use organic mushrooms, lentils, actual veggie burgers, etc., to have that filling protein, without the estrogen!

  2. Not Eating Your Greens

    Many vegans only eat beans or lentils and grains. They think they have to eat tons of beans to get the amount of protein they need. You really do not need THAT much protein in a day. According to, “an adult male who’s ideal weight is 154 lbs, needs only 56 grams of protein per day.” To put this into perspective, that would be about 1.5 cups of chick peas a day, and that’s it. The average American eats about 103 grams a day. You need to eat your greens to get other nutrients, like calcium, iron, etc. Kale, Spinach, Collard Greens, and cabbage have great amounts of iron and calcium. It would be best to eat these raw, except the spinach. Spinach needs to be steamed for you to be able to absorb the nutrients. A great recipe that has a good amount of protein and greens is: Super Easy Raw Vegan No-Chicken Salad Wraps!

  3. Supplementation

    Most vegans supplement with nutrients they don’t need, and don’t supplement with the ones they do. A lot of vegans and vegetarians supplement with iron because they think they will become iron deficient, if they don’t. If they eat their greens, as mentioned in the 2nd mistake, they wouldn’t become iron deficient. Vegans, and everyone else in the world, need to be supplementing with Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, and Nascent Iodine. Those are the top 3 supplements I recommend for anyone.

  4. Buying Vegan Cheese Brands, Popular Veggie (soy based) burgers and Veggie Dogs

    These are all very processed, and consist mainly of soy and chemicals to make it taste like the product it is supposed to. You can easily make your own vegan cheese, veggie burgers, and veggie dogs, without the chemicals and soy. If you don’t want to make your own, make sure you buy organic, soy-free, GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, MSG-Free versions of all of these.

  5. Thinking You Have to Do It All At Once

    You do not have to do it all at once. Take it at your own speed. The first type of meat I gave up was pork because I saw a video of how to pigs were treated. Then, probably about a year later, I went vegetarian, then about 4 years later I went Vegan. Everyone is on their own journey, and I do not and will not condemn someone who is “only vegetarian,” or is eating every meat product all together. Yes, I do believe that a vegan diet is what we are supposed to be eating, as humans, but everyone does not believe that, and that’s okay. Animal rights is a big part of why I am vegan now, but I’m not going to tell someone about what is happening to the animals they are eating at dinner, if they don’t want to know about it.

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Mistakes of New Vegans

  1. Absolutely awesome article. I think a lot more beginner vegans (and perhaps some long term ones too) need to read this. Great stuff, do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey,
    Really really great article! You point out really interesting things. What I really like is the part about supplementation. THANK YOU for mentioning that everybody should supplement B12, D and Iodine. I cannot stand those stereotypes anymore that only vegans are deficient in those vitamins. I also like the other sections of your articles. Many people unfortunately lack their greens, and I admit, I have to remind myself to include greens in my meals sometimes as well.
    What I kinda disagree with you is the first part about Soy. Yes can increase your estrogen levels, however; the research is not clear about. Studies have shown that soy can have negative, but also positives effects on breast cancer. It depends on the individual and their oestrogen levels before consuming soy.

    Like I said I really liked your article and agree with most of it, but with the soy statement I would be careful.
    At the end I think a vegan diet is a good diet, not perfect but outstandingly good. And what I think could be a good addition to your 5 mistakes is. Do it for the right reason! If you don’t have your reasons and believes clear when starting a vegan diet, it is hard to follow it through.

    Thank you for your article, it kept me busy for almost 1h now. 😀
    Have a great day!


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