Super Easy Homemade Ketchup

Whenever I make my vegan Hash Browns, I make this ketchup! It’s so easy and doesn’t take blending, processing, and contains no sugar! Read on for the recipe!

Recipe Type: Condiment

You will need:

Small-Medium sized glass bowl

6 oz. Can tomato paste

Purified Water (reverse osmosis is best)

2 tbsp Organic Raw, Unfiltered Honey (or Agave)

No-Salt Seasoning



Scoop all tomato paste out of can, into glass bowl.

Pour purified water into bowl, covering bottom of bowl.

Stir tomato paste and water until combined. Should a semi-smooth consistency. Add more water, if needed. (The amount of water depends on your preference, I like my ketchup a little thick.)

Add the honey (or agave) and stir until combined.

Sprinkle the no-salt seasoning, covering the top of mixture. Stir. Add more to taste.


And, it’s done! Wasn’t that super easy? This ketchup is so much better for you than conventional ketchup, and tastes a ton better!

This condiment goes great with: Healthy Vegan Spiralized Hash Browns/Curly Fries, Vegan Veggie & Black Bean Burgers, Homemade Veggie Dogs, and anything else you put your ketchup on!

Photo: Dennis “DieTa” Klein

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