Top 5 Vegan Foods NOT To Eat For Healing Leaky Gut

Yesterday, I wrote the article Top 5 Vegan Foods To Eat For Healing Leaky Gut. Today, I am talking about the foods you should NOT eat if you want your gut to heal. Many people don’t realize the negative side effects of certain foods, so I am here to tell you!

Top 5 Vegan Foods NOT For Leaky Gut

  1. TOFU

    Tofu is completely made of soy. Soy beans are one of the most commonly Genetically Modified crops, and GMOs are the main cause for Leaky Gut. It just wouldn’t make sense to eat something that could make your ailment worse.

  2. Seitan

    “Hail Seitan!” Is a common vegan slogan, but do you know what that is? It is pure wheat gluten! It is the stuff that makes bread stick together, and is not good for you, especially if you have leaky gut. The gluten will just make your intestines inflamed, you will feel bloated, and gassy. You may even develop a type of skin condition related to it. I developed Rosacea, which is where my cheeks would get red, and little bumps would form, after eating gluten. Just stay away from that stuff!

  3. “Fake Meat”

    A lot of vegans will stop eating meat, but will start buying imitation meat. It is because they miss the taste of meat, or just don’t know how to make other recipes, without the meat, or fake meat. There are many brands of these types of products, but so many of them are trying so hard to taste like the actual meat, they add flavor enhancers like MSG, and other chemicals. Also, many replacement meats are made of either soy vital wheat gluten, which are two things I have already explained are horrible for healing leaky gut.

  4. Any Type of Non-Organic Chip

    Most chips are fried in canola oil, which is genetically modified, and isn’t even edible in its natural form. There are some companies who make chips with organic potatoes and either avocado oil, or coconut oil. It is always best to stick with the original flavor or these chips (ex. Sea Salt) because once they start adding other things to it, they will almost always add some type of flavoring that is not good for you.

  5. Replacement Vegan Cheese

    The vegan cheeses in the stores are not made to be healthy. They are constructed to taste like whatever cheese flavor you want. The result of this is gmo soy, tapioca starches, and “natural” flavorings, which aren’t really natural. It is best to make your own cheese out of nuts (cashews are the most popular), or if you’re making a sauce, out of squash or cauliflower. There are plenty of simple recipes on the internet!

There you go! The Top 5 Vegan Foods NOT To Eat For Healing Leaky Gut

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